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DAWG SWAG is here to give our furry friends a chance to finally become a true street style star.

Our story began with two furry friends, Rhodri (tea cup Schnauzer) and Mo (Yorkshire terrier), who got fed up with the existing choice of clothes and desperately needed something that would allow them to express their true swag. Besides being a fashion statement that your dog needs it helps them to feel comfortable and warm at the same time during cold weather/ low temperatures. This way our best friends can be presented the same way as we represent ourselves and there is only one problem - They will draw more attention then we do :).

We pay a lot of attention to details so our hoodies are made of the finest fabrics in various and trendy colors. What makes us unique is that we bring them to life with original designs, which will emphasize pets personality.


From now on your dog can express its own swag with brand new collars, harnesses and leashes, which can be combined with fashion accessories – bows, ties and decorative stripes. Each dog has its own character and personality, so why not show it with unique fashion outfit

We are dedicated to provide you the best quality product, that’s why our production and design is completely based in Zagreb, Croatia where we can monitor every step of the way.

We are sure that you will find the statement piece you need to complete your trendy style.




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